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i made homemade poptarts the other day. they were awesome. i filled them with Strawberry Jam, Chocolate Ganache and the last one with Apple butter and cinnamon sugar.

i used 1/2 of the premade Betty Crocker pie crust package for the poptarts. i rolled it out flat and cut it in squares in different sizes. i poked a few holes in it and did the decorative edges with a fork. i baked it and i followed the baking instructions even though i didn’t bake a “pie crust” like it was intended for. i may have taken it out a bit early, but just keep an eye on the pop tarts in the oven when youre baking them. 

if i make them again soon i’ll post a picture but you should try making them! anyway they tasted yummy! I LOVE SUMMER COOKING!

This post is posted on Wednesday 20 July 2011.
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